How Incorta enables Operational Analytics without cumbersome ETL or star schema

I recently presented a webinar with Incorta on a two year long journey to replace Oracle Hyperion Brio with Incorta for operational analytics with data from Oracle EBS, Siebel,and Agile.

Here is the link to the full webinar -

The key benefits we realized with Incorta for operational reporting are -

  • Delivered real-time operational reports against data aggregated from complex data models of Oracle EBS, Oracle Siebel, and Oracle Agile
  • Empowered business user to self-serve even the most complex reports and analytics
  • Redeployed 13 of 15 BI support resources to work on more innovative projects
  • Reduced new report delivery time from months to mere hours
  • Joining data from multiple sources like Oracle and Siebel which were very difficult to do in the past other than a slow dblink between two Oracle databases
  • Reduced complex 40 table reports running time from 6 hours to seconds



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